Alloy wheels for Porsche

Welcome to the GMP page dedicated to Porsche wheel rims. We have illustrated the best alloy wheels for the best Porsche models: Cayenne, 911, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman and Macan. Each of the wheels we show you was approved by authority for the maximum safety in accordance with the law. 


GMP alloy wheels for Porsche

Porsche's elegant yet aggressive design is a must for sports car enthusiasts. That's why the wheels for Porsche have to match the typical lines of the prestigious German car manufacturer.

Here's a roundup of our rims worn digitally by top Porsche models!

Alloy wheels for Porsche Cayenne

Now in its third series, the Cayenne is the sporty SUV par excellence: a combination of dynamism and robustness, elegance and power, in both its 'classic' and coupé versions.

By far the most popular alloy wheels for the Cayenne are the 21- or 22-inch Targa wheels with Glossy Black finish. However, on the steered rear wheels of certain models, the Stellar Black Diamond Lip and the Gunner Black Diamond look good.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé with GMP Targa wheels

Alloy wheels for Porsche Panamera

There is no car enthusiast who does not know this fantastic 4-door coupe model. A jewel of great luxury that the house of Stuttgart put on the market in 2009. Inspired by the historic Gran Turismo, it combines in itself the spirit of adventure with a discreet comfort.

For such an exclusive car model it is necessary to choose the right rims! Enthusiasts prefer the GMP Targa alloy wheels for Panamera in Anthracite Diamond or Black Diamond finish. The typical lines that unite the various models of this Porsche also go well with MK1 and Stellar Black Diamond.

Porsche Panamera with GMP MK1 alloy wheels

Alloy wheels for Porsche 718 (Boxster and Cayman)

Under the wing of the 718 models are the very sporty (and very famous) Porsche Boxster and Cayman. Roadsters with 2 seats, they are the models most faithful to the "classic" Porsche of the collective imagination. These sports cars, capable of incredible acceleration, are characterized by a very attractive sporty design, with aerodynamic lines and a seat surface among the lowest ever (less than 40 cm from the ground!).

Our GMP Targa rims, with their robust geometric lines, are a special accompaniment to these models, especially in their Anthracite Black version.

Alloy wheels for Macan

Its name means "Tiger": this is Macan, the Porsche SUV that, like the famous feline, is both energetic and elegant. Similar to its "big brother" Cayenne, it differs from it because of its compact size. Comfort and high quality of the materials with which they are built are the same.

To face everyday life with luxury and exclusivity, GMP fans chose the Targa in a diamond anthracite version, with 20 or 21-inch rims. The more daring have mounted the Enigma Concave rim in a Diamond Black version, a real eye-catcher!

Porsche Macan with GMP Targa rims

Alloy wheels for Porsche 911

The 911 is a car with a long tradition. The first model dates back to 1963. Today we are already in the eighth generation. But the technological advances of the last 60 years have not changed the Porsche spirit of these cars. A reference point for enthusiasts. Timeless beauty, always modern.

For them, our Targa Black Diamond rims are undoubtedly the most popular!

The list of the best alloy wheels for Porsche doesn't end here. In fact, you can write it yourself! Explore GMP wheels, choose the one that suits you, and make your Porsche unique! 


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