Ideas and goals run in the same direction

GMP Group S.r.l. is a company specialized in the design and mass production of components in high-quality aluminum for the automotive industry sector internationally, with particular attention and experience in the sector of light alloy rims. The corporate headquarters are located at province of Bergamo, an Italian industrial center historically renowned in terms of production, and extends over a total area of 27.000m2 of which more than 16.000m2 are dedicated to the various production departments and about 500m2 to the offices.

100% made in Italy
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We renew our energy

Process technologies and product innovation are not the only qualifying factors today modern industry. Sustainability is a social commitment we believe in, which complements and defines clearly, the horizon of our vision. The entire business process is powered by renewable energy in a virtuous circuit that internalises processes by optimizing them in a context of maximum efficiency.

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GMP head office

Creativity driven by emotional intelligence

The design of a decisive stroke, which creates a perfect shape can contain an entire world. The reason of our design, is not the extreme search for a solution through which to get noticed. It is the extension of essence and the character of the car for which our products are designed. But a brilliant intuition if it doesn't become product, it remains just a nice idea. For this reason, our designers and engineers work with us every day the use of advanced design software, Fem calculations, modeling systems in direct line col production department. Only in this way can the best ideas become unique products.

GMP creativity process

We imagine the future by sharing the present

We are protagonists of the digital and technological transition with constant investments. Our remote services, dedicated and not, for customers and suppliers, they are part of an evolutionary path that allows you to give immediately value to our work. Transversal sharing of processes on our innovative digital platforms management and communication accelerates and guarantees a punctual dialogue without boundaries, space or time.

Cataloghi e piattaforme digitali GMP
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