Volkswagen Alloy Wheels

Welcome to the GMP page dedicated to Volkswagen rims. Scoll the page: you will find beautiful rims of the highest technical quality for Golf, Polo, Passat, Tiguan, and many other models from the Volkswagen catalog! Each of the rims that we will show you has NAD approval for maximum safety according to the law.

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GMP Alloy wheels for Volkswagen cars

The Volkswagen design, costantly innovative and functional, is characterized by an elegant and simultaneously sporty aesthetic. This is what inspired us to create rims that perfectly match the lines of the prestigious German car manufacturer.

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Golf Alloy Wheels

A name that needs no introduction. A gritty and forceful car model. A little gem that the Wolfsburg’s factory has been sold for more than 40 years, and that today has arrived at the model 8.

Golf rims can only accompany the sporty spirit of the car. Indeed, among the favorite models we find the gritty Astral, Paky and Wonder in Diamond version. The Wonder model is often chosen by our customers for the Golf 6, while the Matisse alloy wheel is the unexpected but outstanding combination for the brand new Golf 8.

Anyway, the VW Golf adaptability allow to install most of our 16, 17, 18 and 19 inch Volkswagen alloy wheels.

Here are some examples of Golf with GMP alloy wheels sent by our users!

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Tiguan Alloy Wheels

What about Tiguan? The ideal VW SUV for the city, multipurpose, stylish and sporty. Vigorous lines, unmistakable design and high technology.

For this car, GMP recommends the sturdy Angel and Gunner rims, designed to dress a SUV with rim sizes from 18 inch and above. However, Atom and Stellar are also highly appreciated, especially with dark finishes like Anthracite Diamond and Black Diamond.

For the most daring, we recommend Katana. This alloy rim, with its sharp and dynamic lines, completely transforms the Tiguan look, turning it into a real artwork on four wheels!

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Polo Alloy Wheels

Polo is not just a sedan: it is the Sedan par excellence! Now, in its sixth generation, it has been confirmed for 45 years as one of the most appreciated Volkswagen cars ever.

Famous for its elegant lines, it is highly appreciated for its versatility. Indeed, its compact size and the great handling allow you to show it off both in the city and on trips out of town.

Fans prefer Astral and Easy R alloy wheels on it. They enhance her simplicity, but without discarding a touch of impetuousness. The Ican Anthracite Diamond rim, available in sizes from 17 to 20 inches, gives a very special effect on Polo, giving a boost of strength and energy to the car lines.

Here is an overview of Polo simulations with our rims, by GMP Italia users!

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Passat Alloy Wheels

Beautiful, comfortable, elegant: this is what comes to mind when we think of the VW Passat! One of the most popular city cars, with an austere design that gives the driver a certain authority.

That’s clear that the alloy wheels for Passat cannot be less. That's why GMP customers often choose our Ican wheels with their genuine and austere shape.

Other users prefer more dynamic shapes, such as Arcan, or the refined complexity of Stellar rims.

Here are some examples of Passat rims taken from our simulator. What do you think?

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Scirocco Alloy Wheels

Here is another historic VW sedan, often distributed since its origins in an unusual emerald green color. Since the first series of the 70s, Scirocco has changed a lot, always maintaining that sporty character that has made it unique over years.

Since 2017, Scirocco is no longer in production. So, if you own one, keep it. Or rather, enhance it with brand new Scirocco alloy wheels!

As for Golf and Polo, Scirocco fits with many GMP rim models, in all finishes. In particular, we recommend Atom, Stellar, Ican and Paky in its Black Diamond version.

Come per Golf e Polo, Scirocco si accompagna a molti modelli di cerchio GMP, in tutte le finiture. In particolare, ti consigliamo Atom, Stellar, Ican e Paky nella sua versione Black Diamond.

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Touareg Alloy Wheels

Here is the hugest VW car ever. With its total mass exceeding 2.5 tons, Touareg is a real giant, while retaining the typical "Volkswagen style" in the bodywork lines.

The elegance and toughness of this model fits with alloy wheels from 19 inches and above. We believe that, among all our models, the perfect rim for the Touareg is the Dynamic, with its marked and massive lines. However, the model fits very well with Stellar and Targa, with their slimmer line that gives a touch of softness to this great SUV.

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Review of the best alloy wheels for Volkswagen is not over! GMP wheels can be installed on various models of the German car manufacturer, and not only!