G.M.P. Group S.r.l. is a company specialising in the design and mass production of high-quality aluminium components for the automotive industry on an international level, with a special focus and experience in the field of light alloy wheels.

The company’s headquarters are located in the province of Bergamo, an Italian industrial centre historically renowned for its production, covering a total area of 27,000 sq.m. of which more than 16,000 are dedicated to the various production departments and about 500 sq.m. to offices.

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The company’s staff consists of a total of 100 highly skilled employees with a long-standing experience in the industry, who carry out their activities harmoniously and in coordination with each other in order to ensure efficiency and quality in production.

The GMP Italia brand, established in 2003 and now the sole ownership of G.M.P. Group S.r.l., has an excellent reputation in the market and is distributed through some of the most renowned dealers and importers on a global level.

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Thanks to a combination of key factors such as the ongoing research and development process, the steady increase in know-how, the constant technological innovation in terms of production and a special focus on design and stylistic research, over the years the GMP Italia brand has become a real benchmark in the sector while respecting traditional “Made in Italy” quality.

Today, after more than 14 years of activity, the GMP Italia alloy wheels are increasingly becoming major players on the market, in terms of design and quality and of presence on a national and international level.