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Inspired by the stylistic philosophy of the house in Bavaria, DEA has a refined design that finds its essence through the perfect balance between shapes and volumes.
Thanks to these qualities DEA becomes a new landmark for all BMW enthusiasts who want always the best.

Technical specifications:

This model is manufactured with an original adaptation, designed in compliance with the technical specifications of the first plant in order to ensure the best result during assembly on the car, in line with what is specified in the applications list.

Legal Notes:

Properly registered model at EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office (Reg. code 004059962-0001).

There is no ongoing business relationship with BMW or with its models and registered trademarks, which are legally represented here only for descriptive purposes.

Wheel sizes available:
18 x 8,0 / 9,0
19 x 8,0 / 8,5 / 9,0
20 x 8,5 / 9,5


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